From left to right: Lexi Richards (program assistant at Lifetime Learners Centre), Caroline Malm (BCTRA excellence in education committee), Sandra Norum (learning specialist teacher – Fraserview Learning Centre) and Kevin Watrin (principal - Fraserview Learning Centre) pose with a cheque for $1,500 from the British Columbia Retired Teachers Association. / Submitted Photo

Fraserview honoured with Golden Star

BC Retired Teachers Association presented an award and $1,500 to Mission’s Fraserview Learning Centre

On May 18, the British Columbia Retired Teachers Association presented an award and a $1,500 cheque to Fraserview Learning Centre in Mission.

The Golden Star Award is awarded to K-12 schools in B.C. that demonstrate the interaction of seniors with B.C. public school students as well as:

• require students to think and work creatively;

• access and use the community as an information source;

• require students to work cooperatively with each other and outside sources;

• use a variety of media to report and display results; and

• communicate the products of the program to peers and to the wider community.

According to a press release, the “BCRTA believes that within every community there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom among seniors that should be used to enhance the learning experience of students at every grade level, right from kindergarten through Grade 12. Retired educators realize that many such programs, in fact, already exist in our public schools.”

The release also said the BCTRA members were “impressed and heartened by Fraserview’s outstanding program.”

In partnership with the Lifetime Learning Centre in Mission, Fraserview students have been able to learn values, empathy, and the art of conversation along with the skills of knitting, gardening and the importance of service. The Lifetime Learners in return have reaped the benefits of the tech-savvy teens as well as been recipients of many acts of service shown and given by the Fraserview youth.