Abby-Wood? Gibson, Vaughn and Depp have shot here in 2017

Staff say city now ‘known as Abby-Wood’ after busy film year

With Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn and Johnny Depp all having come to town this year to shoot movies, city staff say Abbotsford is “now known as Abby-Wood.”

That bold statement – in a report by economic development staff – comes as the city looks to exceed last year’s record year for filming.

By mid-September, the city had issued 35 film permits to shoot on 101 days, according to the report. Those productions have estimated they will have left an economic impact exceeding $685,000 in Abbotsford.

The 35 shoots matches the city’s total from 2016. The number of filming days still has some way to go to reach last year’s total of 132.

Vaughn and Gibson are co-starring in a movie called Police Brutality, while Depp was in the area shooting Richard Says Goodbye over the summer.

The Abby-Wood moniker probably has some way to go before it becomes a household nickname, though; economic development director Wendy Dupley said the terminology was created by staff for “light-hearted” fun.