Mission council has sent a rezoning request for a new commercial project to public hearing.

Commercial project proposal going to public hearing

Application would allow for construction of a gas station, drive-through restaurant and retail units in Silverdale area.

A proposed commercial  development in Silverdale will move forward to a public hearing.

Mission council voted to give second reading on the rezoning application for the properties on 29550 and 29560 Lougheed Highway which would allow for construction of a gas station, drive-through restaurant and retail units.

Council decided to go to public hearing, despite staff recommendations not to move forward.

One of the concerns expressed came from the engineering department that noted the area does not have municipal water or sewer services.

In order to address that concern, Coun. Rhett Nicholson asked the applicant, OTG Development Concepts, to perform a water assessment before the public hearing.

“I know the residents in the area are concerned about the water out there. If they can get that sorted out before the hearing, it will give the public a chance to see it.”

The developer plans to use on-site well and sewage disposal.

Other concerns included the “look” of the development and how it will fit in as a gateway to Mission.

Mayor Randy Hawes noted that a public hearing does not guarantee approval of the project.

“I’m quite happy to hear what the public has to say.”

Hawes said he tends to give consideration to “the arguments that are made, not the quantity of the arguments that are made,” adding he would normally side with those that make a cogent argument.

Hawes added that he doesn’t know where the community sits on this issue, which is why a public hearing will be useful.

Coun. Jim Hinds said he believes the gas station is an issue.

“The argument I heard from the reams of material we got from people living in the area was they didn’t want another gas station.”

There is already a gas station 400 metres east of the proposal and two more approximately 600 metres east.

Coun. Jenny Stevens said it isn’t council’s job to decide whether another gas station is needed.

“That is the industry’s job. To me, the people who know whether or not a gas station is viable, are the people who built the gas stations.”

She added they wouldn’t build it if they didn’t think it would make money.

The public hearing will take place on March 16.