Ku Klux Klan flyer dropped on Chilliwack lawns

Those who received the note in a bag with rice decried the 'hate propaganda'; RCMP confirmed they are investigating

A flyer a number of people in the Watson Road area found on their lawns or their doorsteps.

A number of Chilliwack residents in the Watson Road area had a disturbing flyer with references to the U.S.-based white supremacist organization Ku Klux Klan dropped on their front lawn Thursday morning.

The photocopied flyer claimed to be from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan came with the headline: “Yes! White Lives Do Matter!!!”

Shawn Baginski lives of Tyson Road and said his wife found the flyer in a ziplock bag filled with rice on their lawn.

There were two others on lawns beside theirs as well.

“I couldn’t believe that this kind of thing was creeping into our town,” Baginski told the Times. “It is hate propaganda through and through and in our society especially Chilliwack there is no place for it.”

Chilliwack RCMP confirmed they had reports and that complaints of this sort are taken seriously.

“The Chilliwack RCMP General Investigation Support Team is in the initial stages of their investigation into the complaints,” Chilliwack RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Mike Rail said Friday.