A brother and sister play in the sand at the play area in Fraser River Heritage Park. Soon kids will have more options as Play Boxes will be installed at four Mission parks.

Mission parks to receive new play boxes

Play boxes are packed with sports and recreation equipment, and will be at Lightburn, Centennial, Fraser River Heritage, and Kinsmen Park.

  • Sat Sep 17th, 2016 7:00pm
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Play boxes are coming to four Mission parks thanks to funding from BC Health Communities and the RBC Learn to Play project, with support for purchasing play equipment for the boxes from the Mission Early Childhood Development Committee.

Play boxes are packed with a variety of sports and recreation equipment, and will be installed at Lightburn Park, Centennial Park, Fraser River Heritage Park, and Kinsmen West Park at the end of September.

The idea is to improve the quality of life for families by providing parents with ideas on how to play with their kids, all the equipment they need, and unlimited access and the opportunity to get out and engage with other families in our parks.

The boxes share and support the Live 5210 initiative of BC Children’s Hospital which is a simple easy-to-remember, evidence-based guideline for raising healthy children:


5: Enjoy five or more vegetables and fruits per day

2: Power down, no more than two hours of screen time per day

1: Play actively at least one hour per day

0: Choose healthy, drink zero sugar-sweetened drinks


To use the play boxes, parents can call into the Leisure Centre at 604-820-5350 to register (no charge) and they will receive a lock code for the box. They then access the box and equipment inside. Inside the box are also instructions for various games that facilitate healthy childhood development and align with the Sport For Life principles.