More than 60 lots proposed for Hatzic Bench

Combined, the properties located at 8455 and 8502 McTaggart Street, are 5.64 hectares (13.93 acres) in size.

Local developers are proposing to build single family homes on two of the last five remaining large parcels of property in the Hatzic Bench area.

Combined, the properties located at 8455 and 8502 McTaggart Street, are 5.64 hectares (13.93 acres) in size.

The lot configurations, according to a District of Mission staff report, are conceptual at this time, however, the lands could be split into 61 residential lots with a minimum area of 7,200 square feet.

The area is designated for urban residential development in the Official Community Plan and is viewed by city planners as “completing or filling in” an established residential neighbourhood.

There are no watercourses or environmentally sensitive areas on the property.

Developers Gary Toor and Jason Tiegen plan to extend the existing trail at Hatzic Park to create a new entrance on the east side of the park, and upgrade existing roads. According to a traffic assessment report, the development is not expected to have considerable impact on the network of roads in the area.

There are municipal water lines in the area, but most homes are on septic systems. As part of the development, the district’s sewer lines will be extended from the Lougheed Highway to service the new homes and homeowners along the new line have the option to hook up.

The developers will also be required to contribute to the cost of upgrading the district’s sanitary sewer system in the area to accommodate the additional flow.

Mayor Randy Hawes said there have already been a number of septic failures in the area and “there’s bound to be more unless sewer goes in.”

He noted the cost to repair or replace a septic system can be crippling for some families and this development is a chance for the district to have the cost of putting in sewer lines paid for by developers.

The developers are planning to build in two phases. Twenty-five single family residential lots would be created in the first phase, and up to 36 lots could be accommodate in the second.

The developers have already hosted a public information meeting earlier this year to gather input from neighbourhood residents.

Mission council has scheduled a public hearing for the project on Wednesday, April 29 at Hatzic Secondary School. The meeting begins at 7 p.m.