Traffic changes coming at busy intersection

Left turns to be outlawed during morning and evening rush hours, as city eyes long-term improvements.

The city is banning left turns at Cedar Street and Seventh Avenue during the morning and evening rush hours to alleviate congestion.

By Frank Bucholtz

It is hoped traffic will flow more smoothly at the intersection of Cedar Street and Seventh Avenue during the morning and evening rush hours after Mission council has decided to ban left turns during peak periods.

Interim improvements to the intersection to allow for four through lanes of traffic during rush hours will cost $99,000. These improvements are expected to improve the situation for several years, but in the long term, the intersection will need further improvements, said Tracy Kyle, director of engineering and public works.

The cost of those long-term improvements will be about $3.6 million, and council members said the district does not have the money to make those improvements at this time. Part of that cost is due to the need to purchase property at the intersection, some of which is owned by BC Hydro.

Council members said traffic on the road has grown significantly in recent years, and it is expected to grow more with further development in the Cedar Valley area.

Council agreed that purchasing property to further improve the intersection is an important priority. They also expressed hope that there may be some grants from senior levels of government to help pay for the intersection improvements.