Five-year-old Azar Lockwood mans the water cannon at the Mission Leisure Centre Water Park last week. People are doing what they can to keep cool during the recent hot spell.

Trying to beat the heat

July temperature records tumble all across the Fraser Valley.

Heat records toppled on the weekend and high temperatures are expected to continue until at least the middle of July.

Sunday saw highs of 36.3 Celsius in Abbotsford and 35.2 in Agassiz, according to information supplied by Environment Canada.

The previous high records for July 5 were 32 Celsius in Agassiz, set in 1958, and 31.7 in Abbotsford set in 1975.

As for Mission, meteorologist Lisa Coldwells said it is difficult to determine an “official” record high because Environment Canada has no weather station in Mission.

“So somewhere in there (between Abbotsford and Agassiz) it was the same temperature in Mission. At least 35 Celsius,” said Coldwells.

According to, Mission hit 36 Celsius on Sunday, but that temperature is not official.

“We have to think what are you closest too. You’re pretty close to Abbotsford and kind of close to Agassiz and in this case, both temperatures were relatively the same,” said Coldwells.

Sunday also set the record for high minimum temperature.

“Normally your overnight low temperature is your minimum and we actually set records for being the highest temperature ever recorded overnight.”

The overnight low of 17.8 Celsius in Abbotsford shattered the previous high minimum record of 15.2.

On average, overnight lows in the Fraser Valley in July are about 13 degrees.

As people continue to search for ways to stay cool, Coldwells said there is little relief in sight. A cooling rain is unlikely any time soon.

“We’ve had two very dry months and climatologically July is our driest month so we have that working against us.”

She said a ridge of high pressure is still stuck over B.C. preventing a cool down.

“It’s very big. It’s very stubborn. It does not want to move.”