Mission RCMP Insp. Ted De Jager was successfully dunked after Downtown Mission Business Association executive director Jamie Hayes managed to hit the target on the dunk tank.

VIDEO: Mission’s top cop dunked by downtown executive director

Mission RCMP Insp. Ted De Jager went for a cool swim on Saturday after being a dunk tank volunteer during the RCMP's open house.


For a short while, it seemed that Mission RCMP Insp. Ted De Jager was going to remain relatively dry.

Pouring rain had dampened him, however Mission’s top cop was gleefully goading visitors to the Mission RCMP open house on Saturday as he sat perched on the hot seat of a dunk tank.

Contestant after contestant threw balls at a small target, hoping to send the inspector for a chilly swim. No one seemed up for the task.

As the crowd began to fear that nobody would be able to sink De Jager, Jamie Hayes, executive director of the Mission Downtown Business Association stepped up to pitch.

Jokingly, De Jager yelled to her that RCMP Police would not be able to patrol downtown anymore. Hayes seemed to draw some inspiration from that comment. As the crowd laughed Hayes wound up and threw. The first missed, as did the second. Her third try was bang on.

The loud clang sounded and De Jager, with a surprised look on his face, went for a swim, much to the delight of the crowd.

The sudden soaking did not deter the inspector, who quickly rose from the water with a water gun and began shooting at kids in the crowd.

The display was all part of the fun, a fundraiser for Cops For Cancer that featured displays, tours of cells, fingerprinting and much more.

For more on the RCMP’s open house, see Friday’s edition of the Mission Record.