Flowers should be left alone, so everyone can enjoy them

The little girls were skipping around in a raise planter, snapping off the newly opened tulips

Last Sunday, during a break in rain showers, I decided that a stroll to and around Heritage Park would be just the exercise I needed, while enjoying the fresh air and blooming flowers.

I was right. The park provided the perfect backdrop for my much-needed outdoor therapy. While I was walking, I noticed other folks enjoying the park along with their pets and children. But one group of park users caught my eye, and not in a good way.

What I observed were two males (perhaps fathers) and two little girls (perhaps their daughters). The two men were busy talking with one another while standing close by the little girls. The little girls were merrily skipping around in a raise planter, snapping off the newly opened tulips, each creating their own bouquet. At first, I thought that the girls were going to stop after plucking a tulip each but they did not. The two males, watching the little girls, continued their conversation, never once shooing the girls out of the planter or suggesting that they had picked enough tulips.

Nor did they encourage the mini flower enthusiasts to collect from the plethora of dandelions growing everywhere in the lawns. It made me sad knowing that anyone else visiting the park after that moment would not be able to delight in the flowers that were planted for all to admire.

The flowers at this park or another park are not for individuals to use for the purpose of filling a vase at home.

Please be considerate when using a public space. Leave the plants and flowers alone. There may be two moms reading this letter who were the recipients of the red/orange tulips selected just for you this past Sunday. If you were, maybe you can have a talk with your daughters about leaving the flowers for all to cherish, since clearly this discussion did not come from the supervising males. My biggest regret is that I did not approach the foursome and suggest that the taking of the tulips should not be encouraged.

Judy Williams