LETER: Park decisions a concern

One concern I have is the canceling of the contract to the Mission Heritage Association.

This is a letter outlining my concerns over decisions the mayor and council have made regarding Fraser River Heritage Park.

There are two concerns:

1. The canceling of the contract to the Mission Heritage Association for the maintenance of the park.

2. The stopping of the development and building of the observatory.

My wife and I moved to Mission just over five years ago and we love living here.  Shortly after we moved here, I got to know a few people that volunteer their time at the Fraser River Heritage Park. As a lighting consultant, I offer my lighting expertise to the lighting needs of the park and the observatory.

Most of the park’s maintenance and development is provided by donations and volunteers that graciously offer their time and money. Government, Mission and local community services groups have supported all the work for well over 30 years and I would say the park is a jewel for the District of Mission. Volunteers are a blessing to all that happens in Mission and should be treated with more respect. There has been  no indication as to why the mayor and council have made these very hard core decisions.

One concern I have is the canceling of the contract to the Mission Heritage Association. As a resident of Mission, I am not only concerned as to how the mayor and council is going to pay for all the work that goes on now, but how does anyone cancel a contract that is well over 30 years old without any consolation.

My other concern is the stopping of the work on the observatory project with the core/envelope of the building already completed. I attended the last council meeting (July 6, 2015) . I learned that a separate consultation regarding this work has begun. The conclusions to be ready in a months’ time. I did not learn anything else at this council meeting. I would like to ask a couple of questions:

• What is the purpose of this separate consolation?

• Could I request that I be a part of this consolation process?

Carl Koehler


(Editor’s Note: The contract is not 30 years old. It is renewed periodically. Council has announced that it will not renew the latest contract after it expires.)