LETTER: Get the trucks out of downtown Mission

Heavy traffic on First Avenue called horrible and dangerous

Mission by the Fraser River – indeed a pretty historic little town. The surrounding areas are blessed with so much natural beauty and the town itself is very charming.

With the right decisions and leadership, there is the potential to attract many outsiders.

Most of us know about the funds that are allocated to improve the downtown area of Mission, a total of $3.6 million. A very exciting project! As I understand, the intention is to encourage more tourists to come to Mission. Well, this might not happen.

Here is the problem: Anyone who has walked along First Avenue is aware of the disturbing noise and pollution from huge trucks, including logging trucks, that thunder through the narrow street in a rush to deliver their loads to wherever they need to go.

This is not a place to stroll and enjoy the quaint little stores and coffee shops that border First Avenue.

I personally stay away most of the time. I don’t like to listen to the noise and breathe the foul air.

My suggestion is to close First Avenue to all large trucks, except delivery trucks. Make it a two-way street and open North Railway Street as an alternative two-way street for large trucks and all other traffic.

Another and probably better way is to use the Murray Street Bridge and the bypass for the heavy traffic.

The Murray Street Bridge is in bad repair and needs to be fixed sooner or later.

The provincial government should allow the funds for the repair of the bridge.

Something needs to be done to stop the heavy traffic on First Avenue. It is horrible and dangerous.

The traffic in this area has increased several folds and will only get worse. We need to plan for the future now! Let’s get the citizens of Mission and the right authorities together to help make this a more pleasant town.

Yes, it can be done!

Anna Bruic