LETTER: Recycling woes not worth the effort

Too much work for citizens

This garbage issue is constantly changing. We are trying to do what’s expected, spending money on all special bags for food waste and blue bags, cutting down cardboard to size, etc. Now we also have to bring what used to be collected to the recycling depot ourselves.

It is getting more costly and more timely for everyone. If I have to go to the recycling depot, regardless of pickup, which we pay for, I would rather have the option to do away with garbage and recycling pickup and not be paying taxes on those jobs and take to the garbage depot myself. Yes, this may put garbage and recycling trucks out of full-time work but, like any other service, if it’s done wrong it’s a waste of money for the town.

I think hiring more people at the recycling depot to do the sorting would help. We had all the blue bags inspected on our street, and felt violated with two workers going through our blue bags, then leaving an orange sticker on it because a small piece of plastic was in it. The whole street had a sticker on bags from the garbage police.

Jan Barber