LETTER: The more we sort, the less we should pay

Reader asks, if residents have to sort all the recycling, why are fees so high?

So, when did garbage get to be something where you almost have to have a degree to figure out what goes where?

I am 76 years old, have a little bit of a handicap with walking, and now suddenly there is a black box to pack out to the curb. I am more fortunate than most pensioners as I have a young man next door who takes my garbage out to the curb for me. And now, the latest thing is not being able to put plastic bags in our recycle blue plastic bags, nor any wrappers that are plastic can go in the blue plastic recycle bags.

We must take them to our recycle depot in Mission. And now glass jars, which we hardly ever have anymore because most jars are plastic, must be put in a blue plastic recycle bag and put in the plastic black box and carted to the curb.

So my main question is, why am I paying for garbage service or paying people in the recycle depot in Abbotsford when I am doing my own sorting? I think, seeing as we have to obviously do our own sorting and have to go to the recycle depot in Mission, that we need to have a fairly good reduction in our yearly garbage charge or our taxes. I would love to see some feedback on this. I hate to think I’m the only one in Mission who is upset over this!

S. W. Wenberg