LETTER: There will definitely be a Festival 2018

BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival will continue

Regarding the item “Future of BC Festival in Doubt” in your June 23 edition, I am delighted (and relieved) to report that on June 27 we had the AGM of our BC Ukrainian Cultural Festival Society, the turnout was the largest in recent memory, a full seven-person executive was the result (along with a seven-member board of directors – each board member has a specific area of responsibility at the annual festival), and there will definitely be a Festival 2018 (at the Clarke Theatre in Mission on the first Saturday in May).

Attendance at this year’s festival was just over 1,300 folks.

Thanks to the item which was run in the Mission Record (and several other Black Press newspapers) and with a bit of assistance from social media, the word was spread, help arrived, and we will carry on.

Gord Yakimow

Board Member