Op-ed: Green refineries better alternative than tankers

David Black, majority owner of Black Press Group Ltd., writes about air quality, ocean health and speedy spill clean-up

  • Nov 9th, 2016

BC VIEWS: Coastal protection isn’t a pipeline issue

Kinder Morgan oilsands expansion would put another 420 ships on the water a year, out of 6,200 passing through Port of Vancouver

  • Nov 8th, 2016

BC VIEWS: Racial prejudice in modern B.C.

A racist tirade caught on video illustrates a stubborn streak of ignorance, where many people don't know what 'Indian' actually means

  • Nov 1st, 2016
Chrome for Kids Show and Shine
  • 3 hours ago


Mission Folk Festival 2017


    Mission Folk Music Festival 2017


      Mission Firefighters Fire Truck Pull Challenge


        LETTER: Reader believes wine belongs on store shelves

        You can point to social issues and say that allowing more access to alcohol will create problems for some.

        • Oct 28th, 2016

        LETTER: Give grocery stores an option

        What right do council and Mayor Hawes have to prohibit grocery stores from selling alcohol if they wish to do so?

        • Oct 28th, 2016

        LETTER: Lack of funding for literacy

        There are many Canadians who would love to participate in this simple family activity but they do not have the literacy skills.

        • Oct 28th, 2016

        LETTERS: On oil tankers, fuel barges and cruise ships

        Readers from Bella Bella to Victoria respond to Tom Fletcher's column on reaction to the sinking of a tugboat on B.C.'s Central Coast

        • Oct 25th, 2016

        BC VIEWS: Health funding charade hides crisis

        The Justin Trudeau government is keeping Stephen Harper's restrictions on health care funding, and pushing home care. It's the right move

        • Oct 25th, 2016

        LETTER: Downtown drivers should pay more attention to the crosswalks

        Railway Avenue also has crosswalks but there is never a problem with crossing safely.

        • Oct 21st, 2016

        LETTER: More safety measures needed on the highway

        Accidents could have been avoided if our Ministry of Transportation began to invest money in constructing medians and street lights.

        • Oct 21st, 2016

        BC VIEWS: Petroleum panic a barge too far

        Ban on tankers extended to fuel barges would create new ghost towns along the remote B.C. coast

        • Oct 18th, 2016

        BC VIEWS: Site C dam, our latest global villain

        Now environmentalists want UN investigation of Peace River dam, based on claims rejected in federal-provincial assessment

        EDITORIAL: Diversity battle continues

        On Monday morning, a flyer from the Ku Klux Klan was distributed to homes in Mission and Abbotsford.

        • Oct 6th, 2016

        BC VIEWS: Big Brother’s coming to city hall

        Premier Christy Clark and minister Peter Fassbender turn their attention to CUPE contracts, police wages and city hall executive pay

        BC VIEWS: How not to run your city

        Stunts and waste by Victoria councillors obscure a more serious matter, the influence of CUPE on municipal bargaining

        BC VIEWS: The state rescues your retirement (with VIDEO)

        Liberals' expansion of Canada Pension Plan is modest, but it comes at a price and discourages individual responsibility

        EDITORIAL: There’s a push to get the Salish Sea designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

        Just what effect would the designation have on shipping, fishing, oil tankers, etc.?

        EDITORIAL: Downtown dollars

        Council has done its part to help downtown, now businesses, building owners and the public have to do theirs.

        • Sep 8th, 2016

        BC VIEWS: BC promotes poverty and crime

        Premier Christy Clark will likely make poverty and housing an election issue, but her government's approach is flawed

        LETTER: Keep pot smoke to yourself

        The pot they are smoking makes me cough, upsets my stomach and gives me a headache.

        • Sep 4th, 2016