BUSINESS TRACK: Chamber supporting Wren Street project

Development project offers advantages that will offset district costs and needs

The recent development approval of the Carhoun and Sons application situated on Wren Street and Lougheed Highway is a positive for Mission. Supported by the Chamber, this development fits within the OCP developed by the community in 2009.

As commercial infill, this development will add significant commercial tax revenue for the district.  Mission’s reliance on residential taxes to support municipal services discourages not only opportunities for growth and development, but also available services.

Additionally, the project offers other advantages that will offset district costs and meet identified community needs. Environmental compensation relating to the proposed development will include the gifting of high-value ecological land for trails and green space as well as redirection of un-detained storm water outfalls to address slope stability issues. Each of these items identified are out of fiscal reach of the district.

While recognizing change is difficult, developing recognized commercial infill that will provide increased municipal revenue, long-term environmental benefits and value additions to municipal services, the Chamber fully supported the application and is pleased to see the project moving forward.