CHAMBER CONNECTION: Make sure to get out and vote

The federal election is May 2.

The federal election is May 2.

It is sometimes hard to believe that federal politics and decisions really are impacted by our vote here in Mission. Yet we all know how federal decisions impact our lives whether through taxation, program funding or our ability to afford life’s luxuries.

So why don’t we vote? Why don’t we value the democratic right for which those in Egypt, Libya and an endless list of peoples fight?

The 40 federal elections since confederation have seen a continuing decline of voter participation. In 2008, only 58.8 per cent of eligible Canadian voters believed it was important to take less time than a hockey intermission to cast their ballot.

Pundits suggest we have voter fatigue, distrust of politicians due to negative campaigns and best yet, “we can’t find what’s in it for me.”

With tax freedom day estimated to be June 21, unemployment stats for Abbotsford/Mission highest in Canada at 10.8 per cent, and inflation threatening to increase mortgage rates, we all find something in it for us.

On April 14, the Mission Chamber of Commerce is hosting an all candidates meeting in the Mission Best Western’s Mountain Room. Candidates hoping to represent your voice in Ottawa will be answering questions brought forward by you.

Find out how each of them answer “what’s in it for you” and their plans for representing the Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission riding.

The chief benefit of living in a democracy is having a voice in how we are governed. Take some time to educate yourself and participate on May 2.