Mission chamber satisfied with municipal budget

The local voice of business believes the budget won't present a change in services

Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce

Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce is satisfied the district’s proposed budget will not negatively impact services for residents despite not raising taxes.

At a public forum held at municipal hall March 15, chamber president-elect Elyssa Lockhart posed several questions concerning reductions proposed in the draft budget.

The key areas of focus include a hiring freeze, the removal of the provision for inflation and reductions in policing costs.

Although Lockhart said she recognized reductions will occur, the chamber is convinced this budget will not present a change in services or hinder the district’s ability to provide fiscal responsibility. She added the chamber is pleased a zero percent increase to municipal property taxes has been achieved.

The district is now undergoing a core services review which is expected to result in cost recovery by finding efficiencies and savings.

Inflation has been accounted for in capital projects and otherwise is expected to have little impact. Policing reductions have been achieved by changes to the RCMP contract with the province and ongoing human resources vacancies.