Mission Springs opens second Korean location

Second Springs Tap House coming to Seoul just four months after the first

Just four months after opening a Springs Tap House in South Korea, the company is expanding its presence in the country.

The Mission Springs Brewing Company opened its first Seoul location in the Itaweon district in June 2013.

It is now opening a second brewery in Seoul’s Cheongdam area, where Mission craft brews come straight to Korean consumers.

“It’s a very busy time for everyone involved, “ said co-owner Brock Rodgers in a release. “We are exporting and serving craft beer that we manufacture right here in Mission.”

Rodgers owns Mission Springs with Santino Sortino. They recently tripled their manufacturing capacity in order to keep up with demand and are currently installing new kegging, canning and bottling lines.

“The acceptance and success of these facilities in Korea has far exceeded our expectations and we look forward to opening more, leading to increased imports from Canada,” said Rodgers.

Demand for craft beer is growing and small breweries are proliferating in B.C. Kevin Winter, Springs’ head brewer, has seen a surge in demand for products.

“I’m over the moon at the tremendous success that we’ve been able to generate,” said Winter. “South Korea has fully embraced the craft beer movement and Mission Springs Brewing Company is proud to be there.”

When Seoul’s Museum of Modern Contemporary Art opens its cafe on Nov. 13, the Mission Springs Brewing Company will be featured as the craft beer of choice.