Laura Patrick

 Laura Patrick

Networking one of the keys to success

Chamber of Commerce, Business Professional Women, join forces to present luncheon.

Anyone trying to start their own business could pick up a few tips from Laura Patrick.

Patrick, owner of Kids Physio Group, was in Mission Thursday to talk about the trials, tribulations and the thrills of creating your own company.

She was brought in to speak at a luncheon, hosted by the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Business Professional Women of Mission.

“Almost 10 years ago I took a giant leap of faith and left a very stable job,” said Patrick, who made the decision to open her own company providing physiotherapy services for children.

It was a rocky beginning for the young entrepreneur.

“I had never taken a business course,” she told the crowd.

Patrick had no understanding of what a financial statement was, or what a business plan contained. All she knew is that she saw an opportunity to do “what she wanted to do.”

Her business plan consisted of a simple question, how many kids did she need to see to pay the rent.

“That was the basics of it.”

While she faced many bumps on the road to success, Patrick said networking events, like the luncheon, were of key importance.

“I have been to countless networking luncheons over the years now and have always been inspired by somebody who said just one thing to help shape my business.”

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