Rahman Shafi

Rahman Shafi

Our man in China: Day 3 and 4 of trip with Mission chamber

The Great Wall of China. It was such an incredible walk up, and the view was amazing.

Members of the Mission and Regional Chamber of Commerce, along with some local business owners, are in China.

Along with the group is Rahman Shafi who won a free trip thanks to a contest presented by the chamber and the Mission Record.

Shafi is sharing his thoughts with Record readers with an update of his day-to-day activities.


Day 3 in China:

We had another early day. After breakfast we got on the buses and headed off to our first stop which was the Jade factory. Learned how to tell which is better quality, and did a little bit of shopping.

Next stop was the Great Wall of China. It was such an incredible walk up, and the view was amazing. I had my Canada flag with me so we were stopped by a bunch of Canadians to take pictures with.

After we managed to get down we went out for lunch, and a bit of shopping. After lunch we went to the Ming tombs. Then it was a bit of a drive back into town for dinner. After dinner some of us wanted to explore, so our tour guide wrote down the address to a beautiful area by a lake almost like Granville Island, it had shops, places to eat, live entertainment. After taking a taxi ride back to the hotel we were all exhausted and called it a day.


Day 4 in China:

We got to sleep in a bit today which was refreshing. Got on the bus and went to our first stop which was the Temple of Heaven. Then for lunch we went to the older part of Beijing and had lunch in a women’s house.

The food was incredible, probably the best we’ve had on the trip so far. She also played the Guzheng for us. After we toured her house we took a rickshaw ride to the bus, and went to the Lama Temple.

Then we went to a government hospital and got a very nice, relaxing foot massage. After that was the usual amazing dinner. We called it an early night cause we are flying out to Shanghai tomorrow morning.


The Guy In China!

Rahman – “not like the noodles.”