What the Chamber of Commerce does

Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce started in 1893

Over the next few months learn what the Chamber of Commerce does in your community.

mem·ber·ship/membərSHip/ n. 1. The state of being a member. 2. The total number of members in a group: an organization with a growing membership.

Membership is why the Chamber exists. Started by a group of like-minded businessmen in 1893, the Mission Chamber’s original purpose was to draw entrepreneurs and workers to the area. With more than 450 members that employ over 6,000, we continue to promote the economic development of Mission and lobby for a positive business environment for the area.

Sixty-five per cent of members have less than five employees or are home based businesses.

The Mission Chamber works hard to develop programs that are suited to promote the growth of small business; and membership does have its benefits.

Whether it is the many benefit programs, the access to low-cost advertising or the support of the network; Chamber members recognize the value of being part of the organization. The Mission Chamber will continue to offer opportunities to learn, connect and prosper to its members.

The Membership Committee of the Chamber develops and implements events, seminars and programs that enhance the member experience.

If you have an idea or are interested in being more involved in what the Chamber offers its members, contact Angel Elias, Member Services Coordinator, at member_services@missionchamber.bc.ca