CiB school winners announced

Mission Communities in Bloom (CiB) Society invited all local schools this past spring to participate in the 2011 School Competition, a category of the CiB local competition.

The winners of the School Competition along with the winners from the Local Competition were recognized at the July 15 awards evening held at the Mission Leisure Centre.

In the elementary schools division, Deroche, Hatzic elementary and West Heights shared the honours while in the secondary schools division, Heritage Park was the winner.

Area schools were asked to submit details of projects already completed, those currently underway or those at the planning stage.

The program encourages schools to engage in projects which involve community service, environmental responsibility and school/community beautification. Competition judges looked at the projects and how they related to the above three areas. Also considered by the judges was the percentage of participation (the number of students directly involved compared to the total school population).

Following are the judges’ comments:


• Deroche:

Judges were pleased to see the continuing efforts by staff and students to the recycling program and cutting the volume of waste.

• Hatzic elementary: The school went from 17 garbage bags to 2 per day. Planters and garden boxes were added to the school grounds. The school was awarded $1,000 by CITY TV’s Be There For Schools Program.

• West Heights:

The judges were pleased to see the extent of the school-wide recycling program which resulted in a 2/3 reduction of waste and created funds from recyclables for the purchase of items for the school.

• Heritage Park secondary: The school continued with its carefully laid out program to reduce its impact on the environment. New this year, students were encouraged to bring and to wash their own dishes and utensils.


As a follow-up to the July awards evening, student representatives were invited to a pizza lunch Oct. 5 hosted by Mission Boston Pizza. Mayor James Atebe and Coun. Heather Stewart attended, and students were presented with pins in appreciation of their efforts to improve the community.