Community quilt helps celebrate Mission 125

Community quilt helps celebrate Mission 125

The public can take part in artistic project

With the entire design set on loving the community, some crafty citizens have come up with an ingenious way of saying “Happy birthday, Mission.”

Mission celebrates its 125th birthday this year and with such a momentous year already underway, the quilting bee that works out of the Lifetime Learning Centre is set on constructing a Mission 125 community quilt that will be focused on Mission.

Joanna McBride, special event coordinator at Fraser River Heritage Park and organizer of the community quilt, said the idea was originally going to be for school-aged children to create it.

“We decided we would go ahead with it but not just make it for kids. We wanted to do it for the entire community,” explained McBride.

She began approaching local quilting bees and soon had an enthusiastic response from the Lifetime Learning Centre.

Together, a plan was created.

Ten-inch quilting squares are now available at the Mission Leisure Centre for pickup and each square comes equipped with some instructions and also some suggestions for the project.

McBride said there are about 70 squares being handed out, and they will eventually be sewn together to create a huge quilt.

“What I envision, and I hope the ladies have the same vision, is in the very centre of the quilt will be the Mission 125 logo. Then I’d like to see the Mission tartan surrounding that, then all the ladies helping should put their squares around it and then all the squares from the public,” said McBride.

The public is free to do whatever design they want on their square as long as it represents the community.

McBride suggests crafters ask themselves what Mission means to them.

This can include a memory they have of Mission, places of interest, pictures, symbols, colours and words that represent the community.

This can also include healthy lifestyle, a thriving family, a peaceful community, positive attitude and teamwork.

McBride, who doesn’t quilt, said the good news is you don’t have to be a quilter to be part of the project.

“There are some things you can do that are easy. You can use crayon, you can do a photo print. Take your quilting square and do whatever you want – sew, quilt onto it, embroider, use crayon, whatever.

Once the quilt is completed, it will be displayed around the community.

The finished project is set to be unveiled at the annual Mission Culture Days event, the Roots ’n’ Blues Fall Fest at Fraser River Heritage Park.

The public is asked to have the completed piece of fabric back to the Leisure Centre by June 30.

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