ESR students Adopt the Sea

Arts-based curriculum school shows what they have learned about sea life

The Grade 5/6 students at Edwin S. Richards Elementary School demonstrate via black lights the movements of certain fish during the school's Adopt the Sea show last week.

A local elementary school held its Adopt the Sea performance last Thursday and Friday, demonstrating what they have learned about sea life.

Edwin S. Richards school on Cherry Avenue boasts an arts-based curriculum. Students researched deep-see creatures such as jelly fish and viper fish and then developed movements – all done under black lights – to show the activity of these creatures.

Every class in the school has studied some aspect of the sea in their classrooms with their teachers, from the salmon ceremony to the life cycle of the sea turtle to kindergarten students classifying and observing sea life, said principal Jan Minty.

All the movement presentations were a collaboration with the students, teachers and artist-in-residence Lee Kwidzinski.