Gerlach Mission’s grand soapbox derby champion

A determined Matts Losier-McMoran

A determined Matts Losier-McMoran

The annual Mission Soapbox Derby grand champion for 2011 was Megan Gerlach, recording a blistering time of 34 seconds down Stave Lake Road. She won a $500 bursary for her efforts.

Jennifer Clarke came second with a 36.8 second time, while Samara Simon was nanoseconds behind with third with a 36.4 second run.

According to Remco Bergman, soapbox derby association president, 59 kids competed on Saturday, and the slowest cars notched an average speed of 38 km/h, with the fastest blazing down the road at 57 km/h.

Following are the remainder of the results:


• Champion 8-9 years old:

1. Samara Simon, 36.4 seconds

2. Mason Laurent, 39 s

3. Jaydan Mortimer, 40 s


• Champion 10-11:

1. Megan Gerlach, 34 s

2. Serena Chahill, 38 s

3. Julia Higden, 39 s


• Champon 12-14:

1. Jennifer Clarke, 36.8 s

2. Krynn Brown, 38 s

3. Danika Simon, 39 s


• Fastest Mission racer:

1. Maxime Bergman, 39.8 s ($500 bursary)

2. Dawson Hillman, 40.7 s

3. Portia McCracken, 41 s


• Best sportsmanship:

Victoria MacLeod. She won a bike sposored by Canadian Tire


• Rookie boy of the year:

Alex Higden


• Rookie girl of the year:

Grace MacDonald


• Door prize winner:

Nick Inkster