Mission Archives searches for 1987 song recording

Do you have, or know who might, have a recording of the May 21, 1987 performance by Cedar Valley Elementary School?

The Mission Community Archives is looking for a song recording from 1987.

The local organization is currently working on an exhibit to mark the 25th anniversary of the Rick Hansen Man In Motion Tour, which will feature 1987 photographs from the Mission City Record and photographer, Noel Hall.

On May 21, 1987, Mission gave Rick a hero’s welcome at a reception held at the Leisure Centre. The program included the performance of a song by students at Cedar Valley Elementary School, written by teacher Curtis Beaumont. The archives wants a recording of this song.

This week in our photo feature column on the archives website (www.missionarchives.com), Glimpses of the Past, there is an image of the students performing the song. If you or anyone you know has a recording, call 604 820-2621.