Mission driver program needs more motorists

Mission driver program needs more motorists

Cancer treatment often requires a patient to travel to their centre on a daily or weekly basis.

The appointments can be lengthy, scheduled at different daily times and are usually during business hours, Monday to Friday. This often presents difficulty for a family where other members are working and already carrying a greater load to ease the burden on the relative with cancer.

In this situation, a volunteer driver program can step in and make a tremendous contribution to the well-being of an entire family.

The Canadian Cancer Society Volunteer Driver program in Mission is in need of moreĀ  drivers. Training and dispatch are provided. Time commitments are flexible.

If you are interested in further information about this volunteer opportunity, please contact Christina Chenard, volunteer engagement coordinator at 1-888-222-2240, extension 338, or via e-mail at fvrvolengagement@bc.cancer.ca.