Party with the stars

Mission stargazers gather at local park on Saturday evening

Mission’s third annual star party will be held Oct. 26 at Fraser River Heritage Park.

The Fraser Valley Astronomers Society (FVAS) will set up a variety of telescopes at the park to help visitors and star enthusiasts see the night sky.

Our companion galaxy, Andromeda, is one of the most dramatic sights in the autumn ski and should be visible on this clear, dark night, said Brian Antonson, FVAS member and star party organizer.

“There are many deep sky wonders to be seen from the park’s vantage point on the south side, overlooking the valley,” he added. “Planets, star clusters, galaxies, nebulae and other wonders generally move across the sky from east to west during the evening.”

Slide and video presentations on a variety of space topics will be set up at the picnic shelter for visitors to view too.

“The park is working toward establishing a permanent astronomical observatory and planetarium at the southwest corner of the property,” noted Antonson, who is also a member of Mission Heritage Association, which looks after the park. “This year’s star party is another chance to enjoy the night ski as organizers work toward building that permanent home for the event, and for stargazing and learning about the wonders of the night sky all year long.”

Dress warmly and come to the park at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 26. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated.

For more information call the park office at 604-826-0277.