Abbotsford residents Curtis Landrath and Arianna Wright get engaged at Mr Mikes in Mission with a little help from the restaurant.

Saying yes at Mr Mikes

Abbotsford couple get engaged in Mission after winning Valentine's Day contest

Abbotsford resident Curtis Landrath received a little bit of help from Mr Mikes in Mission when he proposed to his best friend, Arianna Wright, this past weekend.

Landrath was the winner of the restaurant’s “Say Yes at Mr Mikes” contest, which earned him $1,500 towards the proposal.

Landrath and Wright met 20 years ago when they were both just 12 years old. He thought she was the prettiest girl at school, but he was too shy to ask her out.

In high school, he worked up the courage to ask her to a school dance, but was crushed when she turned him down.

“I stayed locked in the friend zone for the next 18 years,” said Landrath when he entered the contest.

The pair went their separate ways after high school and Landrath moved across the province. She had two girls and he had two boys. After Landrath’s marriage dissolved, the two friends started talking again through Facebook and met up when he visited his parents in the Fraser Valley.

“We started talking on the phone and it slowly turned into a long distance relationship,” said Landrath, who finally landed a job in Abbotsford last year and moved back.

Landrath described Wright as the love of his life, and the most beautiful person he has ever met.

Landrath’s proposal came as a surprise to Wright, who was only warned it would be a memorable night. A special menu was created for her, which was filled with personal photos.

After looking through the photos, Landrath pulled out a ring offered a proposal. “Arianna Wright, you’ve been making me smile for 20 years. You’re my best friend, and my lover. i want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?

Wright didn’t hesitate to say yes.