Stone Soup raffle raises more than $15,000

Money to go toward two initiatives to assist people in need

Mayor Randy Hawes picks the name of the person who would win a $4

Mayor Randy Hawes picks the name of the person who would win a $4

Jack Fedora was the lucky winner of a $4,000 pendant, but it was the Stone Soup Initiative that was the real winner.

Fedora’s name was drawn just before Christmas, as the fundraising raffle came to a close.

The raffle raised $15,410, which will be used to help battle homelessness in Mission.

Paul Horn, one of Stone Soup’s project leaders, said the money will go towards two specific initiatives – the Anything Possible Program, which helps put people back to work, and the Ready to Rent program, which helps people who are currently homeless find out how they can rent and maintain a place to live.

Horn said the support for the raffle was incredible.

“We really hope that people are inspired to continue giving as a community, which is what Stone Soup is all about.”

Horn also praised the work being done by Mission Community Services.

“The most important thing they are giving to people is hope. It’s much more important than a roof or a job or a full fridge because if we give those things to people, and they don’t have hope attached to them, then they don’t really solve anybody’s problems.”

Ken Selvaraja, owner of Lanka Jewels, was on hand to watch the draw and complimented Horn for his hard work.

“You know, to make a pot of soup, you need a lot of stuff – pot, pan, ingredients, the fire – and I think the one who puts the package together is Paul. Paul is an amazing man.”

Selvaraja donated the pendant to Stone Soup to help support the program and the community.