Students work honoured at GW Cooke awards

Math and science standouts given medallions for successes

Dozens of Mission students’ academic achievements in mathematics (M) and science (S) were recognized June 12 at the George Willoughby High Achievement Awards Fund.

The event encourages and celebrates their mental prowess, as well as friendliness and kindness towards others.


Hatzic Grade 7

(M) Sean Sidhu

(M) Hayden Vetterl

(M) Katelyn Bligh

(M) Shelby Field

(S) Braydon Marriott

(S) Deegan Berry

(S) Josephine Calverley

(S) Daniela Boiciuc


Hatzic Grade 8

(M) Donovan Maher

(M) Anastasia Mayfield

(S) Anoop Mann

(S) Corrie Thirkell


Hatzic Grade 9

(M) Ryan Bowie

(M) Ramneek Poonie

(S) Adam Watson

(S) Simona Boiciuc


Heritage Park Grade 7

(M) Taid Rasti

(M) Drae Maharaj

(M) Sara Salah Derradji

(M) Hannah Snipstead

(S) Anthony Iliou

(S) Joshua Wallace

(S) Alyssa Formosa

(S) Katherine Cheslock


Heritage Park Grade 8

(M) David Cho

(M) Chelsea Banman

(S) Matthew MacDonald

(S) Ananya Arya


Heritage Park Grade 9

(M) Roy Kim

(M) Sarah Treacher

(S) William Arnold

(S) Camille Candia


Mission Grade 7

(M) Imat Grewal

(M) Brody Patton

(M) Charlotte Daignault

(M) Kaiya Wangler

(S) Ignatius Ong

(S) Brett Selbie

(S) Janie Green

(S) Ashley Carter Twiss


Mission  Grade 8

(M) Aaron McCall

(M) Cameron Palmer

(S) Jonah Forstbauer

(S) Shanelle Galuska


Mission Grade 9

(M) Timothy Herfort

(M) Shelby Rushen

(S) Robert Arthur

(S) Vienna Jeffery


Summit Learning Centre (Home School)

(S)(7)  Bergen Critchley

(M)(8) Cassia Slager


Ecole des Deux Rives

(M)(7) Rebecca Potvin

(S)(7) Mathieu Caron

If you are interested in establishing a fund or, making a contribution to any existing fund, simply send a cheque to Mission Community Foundation, P.O. Box 3427, Mission, BC, V2V 4J5 or call 604-826-5322.