Finger Eleven delivers at Clarke

Finger Eleven fans waited more than two hours to see the band after doors to the Clarke Theatre opened last Wednesday evening.

While some less patient fans would’ve preferred to hear the Ontario band right away, their performance was well worth the anticipation.

The mostly young and energetic crowd filled the lower level of the room and wasted no time in cheering on opening acts Angel Down and Envy.

Maple Ridge rockers, Angel Down, also had their own following as the crowd chanted their name before they made their appearance on stage.

The four-man band kicked off the evening with a strong performance, showcasing six songs and had the audience wanting more.

Toronto’s Envy also offered a half-dozen songs as well, but were less impressive.

By the time the main act came on, the crowd was ready to rock, jumping up from their seats and crowding the front of the stage.

With a poster of their newest album cover as the backdrop and an impressive light show, Finger Eleven launched into the first song, Above, with full force.

They played some familiar tunes before introducing Living in a Dream, Famous Last Words and Good Intentions from their new album Life Turns Electric.

Song after song, the audience bounced around and made more noise every time lead vocalist Scott Anderson put his finger to his lips to playfully quiet the audience down.

Guitarists James Black and Rick Jackett enthusiastically hopped about the stage and let their creativity flow, while Anderson was a good anchor.

Jackett was fantastic on his acoustic guitar and he somehow found ways to toss, twist and turn his instruments while still generating amazing sounds.

Black’s solo introduction to Finger Eleven’s popular One Thing was a pleasure to watch and the big sound in the small theatre was arguably the best I’ve ever heard.

Finger Eleven wrapped up its one-month Canadian tour earlier this week in Alberta and will be playing south of the border late this year.

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