Mission rock star Matthew Good is touring the country to promote his new album

Mission rock star Matthew Good is touring the country to promote his new album

Good sounds

Rocker Matthew Good pens latest album from his Mission home

Local rocker Matthew Good begins his tour this week to promote his latest album is simple rock and roll.

Arrows of Desire, which was released late last month, is simple rock. It’s Good’s 10th studio album, and the first one he’s ever written in Mission.

The Coquitlam native says he never imagined himself living in a quiet neighbourhood just on the outskirts of Mission’s town centre. After growing up in the Vancouver suburb and living in downtown Vancouver for almost 20 years, Good always considered Mission to be a place far, far away.

But that changed a few years ago when he moved his family to Maple Ridge. And after his second child was born, he and his wife, Raeleigh, started to really think about where they want to establish some roots.

“I’ve never owned anything before,” said Good, who can’t think of anywhere else he’d rather be right now. “I’m a city boy.”

Even when he was surrounded by the vibrant city scene, Good says he was always a homebody.

“I’ve spent months and months in other cities, like London, New York and Toronto, and it’s not something I miss … I might miss the variety of food, but we grow our own stuff here; we eat potatoes from the garden and the kids love playing in the garden. They’re always asking if this or that is ready.”

Surrounded by his family, including three young children, four horses, two ducks, a goose, chickens, rabbits and many cats, Good has found the inspiration to work on his new music. While he’s relaxed in his tranquil setting, he admits he can write songs from just about anywhere, including inside his own house where he, at times, had to battle the sounds of Treehouse emanating from his kids’ rooms.

“I’m not the type of person who has to be in a particular place to create something,” stated Good, who didn’t start playing music until he was 20 years old.

Good was heavily into the arts growing up, but he never dreamed of being a rock star; he imagined he would teach history. But when he picked up that first guitar, everything changed.

Each of his albums is a reflection of his life. Arrows of Desire is metaphorical, which reminds Good of the music he listened to while growing up.

“This is more back to the basics,” he said.

Good is on the road this month touring the country to promote his new album. His first concert is in Ontario. He will hit the Maritimes next and make his way back west, ending with a Nov. 28 concert at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver.

For more information visit matthewgood.org.