Love Shines this Saturday

A CD release party for Cathy Hardy’s first solo album takes place this Saturday.

A CD release party for Cathy Hardy’s first solo album takes place this Saturday.

Local singer Cathy Hardy will take a giant leap in her musical career when her first solo CD is released on Saturday.

Songs from Love Shines, her debut album, were written over 10 years, and Hardy hopes each song will inspire and lift those who listen to it.

She describes her music as spiritual and soulful, and her words can connect with many people holding different beliefs.

The album begins with the gentle sounds of the ukulele and Hardy’s soothing voice in her popular song, Love Shines. It’s a great way to start the album, and a nice lead in to the next upbeat tune, I Bind My Life to Love. Hardy plays the piano on this track while nicely incorporating other less known devices like the chekeree and buffalo drum, both performed by world musician Boris Sichon.

Sichon’s talent is showcased in many other songs with different instruments, such as the ocarina, didgereedoo, singing bowls, and shofar.

And young Rebecca Sichon, who accompanies Hardy in Winter is Over, has a confident voice, and is sure to have a successful career in music ahead of her.

Guitarist Brian Thiessen and award-winning producer Philip Janz also join Hardy on the CD.

Hardy’s voice is strong, steady, and emotional on all the tracks, regardless of the tune’s style.

“The songs pull from a lot of genres,” she said. “They are influenced by blues, southern gospel, folk, Middle Eastern, Celtic…”

Hardy’s CD release party takes place at 7:30 p.m. at Matsqui Centennial Auditorium in Abbotsford April 16.

Tickets are $15 each and available at Murdoch’s Book Shoppe on First Avenue, at House of James and King’s Music in Abbotsford, and online at