ONTS is bringing a series of short plays to the stage. / Submitted Photo

ONTS is bringing a series of short plays to the stage. / Submitted Photo

Mission’s ONTS is bringing three short plays to the stage

After almost two years, live theatre returning to Mission

Mission’s Opening Nite Theatre Society was excited to learn that live theatre has been allowed to return.

Since closing their last show early in March of 2020, ONTS has been struggling to keep alive and active. Thanks to rent subsidies and grant money, private donors, and some income from online shows, the volunteer-run theatre group was able to keep the lights on, even though they couldn’t keep the doors open.

Despite the restrictions, ONTS produced a Christmas Pantomime in 2020, and in 2021 launched a webseries called Bev’s Diner, two seasons of which they filmed at the theatre.

But as of August, restrictions on theatres lifted, and this fall ONTS is bringing a series of short plays to the stage.

The Meeting Room Trilogy are three one act plays written and directed by Camille Atebe, each with three actors, which take place in the meeting room of a fictional small-town community centre.

From Oct. 1-3, Karen Gardner, Henry Lau and Shawn Jodway star in The Sting of Defeat.

At Lee’s Tantric Breathing for Seniors class, what should be a relaxing session turns ugly with bitter rivalries, medical emergencies and a dispute over history. Luckily there’s a doctor in the house.

On Oct. 8-10, Shreds of Sanity, The Sparbrook Amateur Lepidoptery Association is having a board meeting. But planning for the annual conference isn’t easy when unrequited love, unwanted advances, dead members and Francine’s mother’s terrible cooking have to be dealt with. This production features Allen Wiens, Sandeep Dosanjh and Kat Sloan.

Finally from Oct. 15-17 Mina Thomas, Mary Ellen Shimell and Corena Gale perform as the only three to show up for Depression Group in Effective Tomorrow. But even though the coffee is cold, the discussion is red hot. After all, revenge might be the best way to pull yourself out of the doldrums.

The first three weekends, tickets are only $7.50, and each show runs 30-40 minutes.

Oct. 22-24 all three shows run each night, and tickets are $15. Shows are at 8 p.m.

Tickets are available at www.openingnitetheatre.com, or by calling 604-826-ONTS. All provincial regulations will be followed, which means patrons must bring their vaccine passport and ID.