Mother Mother playing at Clarke

Vancouver-based band will be performing here Dec. 12

Mother Mother is bringing the sounds of their new album, The Stix, to the Clarke Theatre next week.

The band from Vancouver started their tour in Nova Scotia last month and will be playing in Mission for the first time on Dec. 12.

Band leader Ryan Guldemond told The Record there are a lot of new elements to the show that they’ve had to rehearse. Most of it is technical, he said, and three out of the five members are learning new instruments.

Over the years, Mother Mother’s music has become harder and more rock driven.

The earlier stuff was influenced more by blues, country and jazz, said Guldemond, 29, who started the band with his sister, Molly, eight years ago.

Guldemond wanted to be in a band ever since he was a child, but thought it was just a pipe dream until he enrolled in music school and then got into song writing when he was in his early 20s. Things just fell in place from there.

Molly was studying fine arts and graphic arts, and when her brother moved in with her, she discovered new sounds and connected on another level.

“Anyone who meets Molly is blown away by her voice,” said Guldemond, who also sings in the band, and encouraged Molly to be involved.

“It was very cool how it came around.”

They learned some harmonies and showed up at open mic nights before getting noticed by CBC. After the first year, a drummer and bass player were added to expand their sound.

Their musical journey so far has been slow, but enjoyable. Guldemond hopes to put out more records and see the audience expand.

“It would be nice to finally be in a place to control everything,” he said.

For now, the band is in charge of their music. Their newest album, The Stix, is the most lyrically cohesive work they’ve put together. The message is about technology and the fall of simplicity and the natural world, noted Guldemond. “It has an apocalyptic undertone, and protests gadgets in a big way.”

Songs that have already seen a lot of radio play include Let’s Fall in Love and Bit by Bit.

Mother Mother will be playing at the Clarke Theatre on Wednesday, Dec. 12.

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