Talented seniors try out for Idol

It’s time for all talented seniors to polish up their skills for the fourth annual Golden Idol Talent contest.

Seniors aged 60 and over are invited to take part. Registrations will take place Monday, Feb. 14 and Monday, Feb. 21 at Cedarbrooke Chateau, 32331 Seventh Ave. At the registration you will have the opportunity to view the performance space. Please bring your music on a CD as there is no piano available at the registration. If needed, a piano will be provided for the actual contest.

This year the Golden Idol Talent Contest will be hosted by the Cedarbrooke Chateau on Feb. 25. All funds raised will be donated to Mission Association for Seniors’ Housing.

This fun-filled evening is sponsored and organized by Opening Nite Theatre. For more information call 604-820-8622.