Make sure this Sunday dad takes centre stage in whatever activities he enjoys.

Make sure this Sunday dad takes centre stage in whatever activities he enjoys.

FATHER’S DAY: Make Father’s Day enjoyable for Dad

Maybe take your dad on a new adventure this weekend

Dad gets to be king of his castle at least one day during the year. Come mid-June, children near and far scramble for ideas to treat their fathers to a special day and award him with gifts for being a role model, provider and confidante. Father’s Day activities should be centered around dad’s interests. With that in mind, the following are some ideas to honour dad or another special man in your life.

• Beach bound: A relaxing day at the beach may be the perfect way to spend Father’s Day. Dad can enjoy the entire family while sitting back in his beach chair and watching the waves roll in. Pack a picnic lunch with his favourite foods and a cold beverage, and dad may just say this was his best celebration yet.

• Adventure seeker: If yours is a father who enjoys living on the edge, a Father’s Day activity built around action and adventure should be a winner. Take Dad base jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving, or race car driving. Any of these activities is bound to get his adrenaline pumping.

• R&R: Dad’s idea of the perfect Father’s Day may be an afternoon free of obligations and deadlines. A relaxing day in the yard swimming laps in the pool or hitting a few grounders to your waiting baseball mitt may be all the excitement he needs. Toss a few steaks on the grill to give Father’s Day a truly perfect ending.

• Impromptu party: Some dads like to be the centre of attention. A Father’s Day party thrown in his honour, complete with friends and family, can be an entertaining way to spend the day. If you are worried about interrupting others’ Father’s Day plans, host the gathering on the Saturday before Father’s Day and let dad be the life of the party. Finger foods, barbecue, a limited list of cocktails and other beverages and some background music are all that you need to host a festive function.

Plan a Father’s Day celebration with your dad in mind. Cater to his favourite activities and opt for entertainment that he will enjoy.