HERITAGE WEEK: Local students express their heritage with art

Students' heritage-themed art work on display at downtown venues

Above left: David McIntyre

Above left: David McIntyre

Mission high school students have created photos and artwork for this year’s Heritage Week based on the theme of power.

This is the fourth year Heritage Park secondary has been involved in Heritage Week, said art teacher Kathy Baker. Students used oil pastels with India ink, charcoal, and marker to create artistic works.

“I think what I like the best about what they’ve done is the variety,” she said of the 22 drawings her students produced, adding that considering they took a limiting subject they managed to produce a wide array of styles and compositions.

Although some of the kids were reluctant at first to tackle a theme-based art project, she said they came around to the idea and worked hard.

“It gets kids to look at historical images and think about where we used to be and how far we’ve come.”

Meanwhile, at Hatzic secondary, teacher Wendy Lewington has been getting students to take photographs with the same theme in mind in order to compose posters with unique, colourful images.

“They really enjoyed it,” she said. “It was fun going to the power plant and talking about their ideas and just thinking about the issue of power in this community.”

The ideas were just as varied in Lewington’s class with some students focusing on wind and solar power, while others looked at hydroelectricity.

Each school received some money from the Mission Heritage Society toward purchasing the materials to develop their creations, due to be displayed in downtown Mission businesses from Feb. 20-26.