SCHOOL REPORT: Hatzic Update

A plethora of activities are taking place around Hatzic secondary

Classes are underway and extracurricular projects are starting for the year, leaving Hatzic Middle Secondary School students struggling to keep up with both their social and academic lives.
Between volleyball, band, student leadership, musical theatre, choir, a new environmental team, and this year’s new art project, every student has something to which to contribute.

Grade 12s are filling out university applications, scholarship forms and the dreaded grad transitions, while the Grade 7s are getting used to the crowded halls and freedoms that so clearly divide elementary school from secondary.
The volleyball season is coming to an end with playoffs beginning within the next two weeks, and the volleyball leadership class has hosted three student-run tournaments, dependent entirely upon the organizational skills of Ms. Mar and Mrs. Chezzi, and the volunteers who begin to feel as though they never really get a weekend off.

The class has recently completed the certification of three of their student referees, Adrian Macdonald, Tierra Bayley, and myself.
Ms. Lewington’s art students are preparing for a mural painting, the goal is for the senior students to leave a part of themselves behind on the walls of Hatzic. Alexis Graham, Delainee McAlinden, Marabelle Hastie, Courtney Kienas, Samantha Balliet, Roxanne McMartin, Kirstin Nicholson, Rebekah Everitt and Manrose Mann are participating this year, along with a few younger students who would like something to be painted in the middle school area. It is student led, Ms. Lewington has enough faith in her students to step back and give guidance when (and if) they ask for it. They will be painting wooden panels, both individually and in groups, that will be placed in the school where our principal, Mr Jepsen, feels they are most needed. Alexis Graham described the murals as “our interpretation for what we feel Hatzic stands for,” and if this project continues with each senior year, “hopefully someday we will see the walls and doors covered with student’s artwork and designs.

Meanwhile, the performing arts students are preparing this year’s musical theatre production of Fame, starring Lauren Berg, Jackson Warris, Courtney Duffy, Anthony Druet, Justin Church, Sydney Power and Brielle Dewitte. It features dancers outside of this cast including Taylor Johnston, Delainee McAlinden, and Colleen Loughran.

Hatzic’s Environment Team began late last year, and has participated in Lights Out Canada, litter pick-ups, and has run the school’s recycling this year. They are planning to do a tree planting in November, and the founder, Clara Low, states their goals as “encouraging students and the community to respect the environment and reduce their ecological footprint, educating ourselves/others about the environment for a healthier generation, living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.”

Clara is implementing a compost system in the school, paid for by fundraising done by the team last year, including recycling and a penny drive, which was surprisingly profitable, though painful to count. If there are any questions or ideas, you can contact her at
Finally, I’d like to say how lucky we are to have teachers and students who care enough to help each other. In my five years at Hatzic I have always been impressed by the leadership shown by the older students toward the younger students. During the first week of school, any time I saw a lost Grade 7 or 8 student, searching desperately for their classes, there was always a senior student willing to show them the way, or offer directions. It makes you proud to belong to that community. On that note, thanks for reading!
Submitted by HSS student Lauren Ell