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Hotdog vendor seeks Conservative nomination in Abbotsford-South Langley

Skully White to go up against 4 others hoping to run in 2025 federal election
Skully White, owner of Lullys Food Experience gourmet hotdogs in Abbotsford, has announced he is seeking the federal Conservative Party nomination in Abbotsford-South Langley. (Vikki Hopes/Abbotsford News)

The man who has made a career out of serving gourmet hotdogs with a touch of sarcasm and cheeky banter is now hoping to make an impression in another arena: federal politics.

Skully White, who operates Lullys Food Experience out of the Canadian Tire parking lot in Abbotsford and at events at Abbotsford Centre, has announced he is seeking the Conservative nomination for Abbotsford-South Langley.

The new riding will replace the Abbotsford riding, which is currently held by Conservative MP Ed Fast, who in March announced he will retire from federal politics after 18 years.

White, 55, said he never had political aspirations until he was recently approached by a member of the Conservative Party who said White would make a good candidate.

He realized that if he goes on to become the riding’s candidate in the October 2025 federal election and become the area’s Member of Parliament, he would have a bigger-than-ever platform to promote his passion – kidney transplants – and make changes to the Canadian system to improve the process.

White has been a relentless advocate for finding living donors for people in need of transplants after he experienced the life-changing difference it makes in someone’s life.

In late 2020, White donated one of his kidneys to customer Tim Hiscock.

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White now runs a campaign in which he promises “hotdogs for life” to anyone who donates a kidney. He also launched Kidney Alley at Abbotsford Centre on Jan. 30, showcasing local people in need of a kidney and sharing the success stories of those who have been matched.

“When the opportunity was presented to me to participate in this riding, my first thought was how many more people I can help using this amazing platform,” White said.

“I could not help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, knowing I would be able to raise more awareness for kidney transplants and to help save more lives.”

White said other issues that are important to him include the skyrocketing cost of living, the need for more treatment centres rather than the decriminalization of drugs, the detrimental impact of the carbon tax and more support for people with special needs.

He said he believes party leader Pierre Poilievre is the right person to lead the country.

“I am definitely not happy with the way the country is run. I definitely believe in what (the Conservatives) are standing behind, and I’m believing in the hope that Canada can recover from where it’s at right now,” White said.

“… I believe that Pierre is a decent man. I believe in what he stands for.”

White currently faces four other contenders for the nomination: longtime Abbotsford West MLA Mike de Jong; Fast’s executive assistant, Mike Murray; Steve Schafer, the vice-president of the Langley-Aldergrove Constituency Association; and Shanjeelin Dwivedi, who has served as a director of parliamentary affairs with two MPs as well as a senior adviser and campaign volunteer.

He said he doesn’t feel that his lack of political experience will be a detriment.

“I think people see me as a laughing, kind-hearted kind of person. But they also see that when I say, ‘I need your help; this family is hurting,’ I get everybody behind me. And it’ll be the same thing in politics. It’s in my heart. I feel that this is the right thing to do,” White said.

He said his connection to and love for the community is also a strength. He has spent the last decade in Abbotsford and also has strong roots in South Langley, where his wife has spent most of her life and where the couple currently live.

White acknowledges that, if he becomes MP, he will have a lot to learn.

“When I look back on my kidney journey, it started with me simply being a live kidney donor. Since then, it has flourished into me being one of the biggest advocates in British Columbia,” he said.

“I didn’t have any experience in the beginning, but through dedication, passion and drive, I learned a plethora of information and continue to learn daily. Just like my kidney journey, I believe that if given the opportunity, I am capable of (the MP) position.”

White’s hotdog business is growing, with a permanent facility at Canadian Tire opening in the next few weeks and plans to franchise the operation.

He said he already has intentions to step back from the business if he is elected, including selling some of his shares and having others run the day-to-day operations – steps he was already considering or working toward.

But White said he would also take time out when he’s in town or when the House is not in session for coming back to Lullys.

“I won’t be making money hotdog slinging, but I’ll definitely go in and sling and talk to people and feel what’s going on,” he said.

“I don’t think I’d ever be removed from the community from what’s going on because I love the hotdog business. I love the people. I love making people smile. I love every aspect of it.”

Voting for the Conservative candidate for the Abbotsford-South Langley riding is expected to take place sometime this summer.

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Skully White, owner of Lullys Food Experience gourmet hotdogs in Abbotsford, has announced he is seeking the federal Conservative Party nomination in Abbotsford-South Langley. (Vikki Hopes/Abbotsford News)

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