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Mission Crime Prevention Office outlines risks of ‘sharenting’

Parents urged to refrain from sharing information online due to risk of online predators
With school back on Tuesday (Sept. 5), the Mission Crime Prevention Office is urging parents to be careful sharing photos of their children online due to the risks it poses. /Mission Crime Prevention Office Photo

With classes back in session, the Mission Crime Prevention Office (CPO) advises parents to keep potential social media posts in drafts.

In an Instagram post, the CPO informed the public of the risks of “sharenting”. The term describes the increased online sharing of personal information from parents surrounding their children.

“The first day back to school is an exciting time for all parents and children/youth, and celebrations of these milestones often happen through online posts via various social media platforms,” the post reads.

To celebrate while keeping personal information protected, the CPO suggests refraining from sharing children’s photographs online if possible, with the blurring tool as an alternative.

The CPO also advises against posting a child’s full name, age, height, weight, school name, teacher’s name, favourite food, colour or activities online. When sharing online, privacy options are suggested to be set for “Friends Only”.

“We would like to encourage all parents and youth to refrain from sharing too much information online, as it poses a risk of the photographs and information being accessible to online predators,” Mission CPO coordinator Rimmi Purewal said.

The CPO says the message is important all year but especially significant as kids get ready for the 2023/2024 school year.

“Though our intentions are never to bring any negativity to our children, parents are being encouraged to consider the consequences of divulging too much information online about their children. Let’s be extra diligent with keeping personal information safe from online predators/scammers who are looking to endanger your family and finances,” the post reads.

Students returned to Mission classrooms on Tuesday morning (Sept. 5) for a half day.

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