15 impaired drivers nabbed in Mission in two days

15 impaired drivers nabbed in Mission in two days

Mission RCMP checked 1,400 cars during the May long weekend

The Mission RCMP removed 15 impaired drivers from local roads during the May long weekend.

According to a media release, the local police were out in full force over the holiday weekend as extra enforcement resources were organized to patrol the roadways to support Mission RCMP’s road safety policing priority.

This included volunteer resources from the Mission Community Policing Office.

The focus of the weekend was impaired driving.

During the evenings of May 17 and 18, a total of 15 impaired drivers were taken off of Mission roadways and over 30 additional charges were laid on several other drivers.

With the help of community volunteers, over 1,400 vehicles were checked at static roadblocks throughout the city.

“The Mission RCMP remain committed to keeping the residents of Mission safe on the roadways and assure community members that these types of enforcement efforts will continue,” said Cpl. Nathan Berze who oversees the detachment’s traffic section.