Area residents don’t want trail network

A 190-signature petition was submitted to Mission council

A trail network planned for the Cedar Valley area is under review after residents living adjacent to Gaudin Creek told council they didn’t want a walking path near their homes.

They are concerned about personal safety, increased noise, litter, property damage, environmental damage, maintenance costs and negative impact on their property values.

Nearby resident Travis Kienas told council last week there is an old, unofficial trail behind his home and he’s had tools, camping gear, and other personal items stolen.

“People have concerns about their property,” he said.

Kienas and his neighbours would like to see the environmentally sensitive area between Boothby and Tunbridge Avenues remain as green space. A 190-signature petition from area residents was submitted to the municipality.

The district is reviewing policies for Cedar Valley, and this is a good opportunity to review the trails too, said Sharon Fletcher, director of planning.

The report is expected to be finished by December.