CANDIDATE PROFILE: Dalton seeks second term

Marc Dalton says Liberals are committed to keeping taxes low

Marc Dalton is running for the BC Liberal Party

Marc Dalton is running for the BC Liberal Party

Marc Dalton has learned a lot in his first term as the Liberal MLA for Maple Ridge-Mission. There are numerous projects he is proud of, and he has also come to realize, many of them don’t happen over night. There are still many more improvements he would like to make for the riding and the province, and that’s why he wants another term in office.

A couple of things that have started which he would like to see through are the Tim Hortons camp on the west side of Stave Lake and the campus of care and community health centre in Mission.

“This will be a prototype for B.C. and an example for other hospitals to model after,” said Dalton.

In this election, Dalton is focussed on the economy, transportation and tax relief.

“There’s a lot of trepidation with the potential of an NDP government because of their past record and their ability to control finances,” stated Dalton.

The Liberals, he continued, are paying down the deficit  and in a challenging economy, B.C. is only one of two provinces with a surplus.

“If the economy does well, it will reflect on the people, and if it doesn’t do will, it will impact the people,” said Dalton.

The Liberals are holding the line on taxes and will reduce taxes on small business, explained Dalton.

“We haven’t increased taxes for five years. People are stretched.”

As a trained school teacher, education is also a priority for the Liberal incumbent. “We want to have a long term contract with teachers because we think it’s important for kids and teachers to have stability.”

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