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City of Mission building division catching up on backlog for permit applications

The city’s building division is backlogged with single dwelling applications from before September
The City of Mission building division is still reviewing permit applications from September of 2022, but is recovering from a nine month backlog. /City of Mission Photo

Mission’s building division is facing a three month backlog on permit applications. However, building division manager Harry Gill says the department is recovering from a nine month backlog and is on its way to catching up.

According to a news release from the City of Mission last week (Nov. 25), the building division is still reviewing permits for single family dwellings from before September.

After bringing in additional staff to help with the number of applications, the department is increasing its productivity. The building division has added two administrative clerks and an additional plan checker for incoming permit applications.

The building division approved 31 permit applications in the month of October, according to their monthly statistics. In 2022 so far, a total of 351 permits have been approved. In 2021, the department granted 244 applications.

Gill says roughly 70 per cent of permit applications are submitted incomplete and applicants whose plans are approved by a plan checker on the first try are considered “unicorns.”

“Putting together applications for homes or buildings is not easy,” Gill said. “It’s not for everyone or otherwise everybody would do it. But if you if you need help and you want to get better, come and see us we’ll we’ll spend the time to coach you.”

Permits are rquired in Mission prior to starting construction of a new home or any structure that is over 108 square feet. The building division also deals with permit applications for swimming pools, signs, walls, demolitions and small residential additions.

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