City Watch launch May 1

District employees helping to make municipality safer

An extra set of eyes and ears are aiming to keep Mission an even safer place.

Starting May 1, District of Mission CUPE workers will have been trained in observing and reporting suspicious or criminal activities while out doing their regular duties, said Mission Mayor Ted Adlem in a press release.

District employees have two-ray radios in their vehicles, and when they see criminal or suspicious activity, they call their dispatcher on a priority basis and the call gets transferred to the RCMP.

“With this kind of quick response, we hope to help the RCMP respond while there is still a chance to catch the criminals, or better yet, help prevent people from committing crimes in the first place,” said Donna-Lee Lakes, CUPE local 1267 president, of the City Watch program.

Adlem added that the public can approach any district employee for assistance if they’re having any difficulty, or they spot a criminal incident, accident or medical emergency.