Paul Hockridge announced on Sept. 9, 2022 that he is running for Mission City Council in the Oct. 15 election. (Submitted)

Paul Hockridge announced on Sept. 9, 2022 that he is running for Mission City Council in the Oct. 15 election. (Submitted)

Community leader Paul Hockridge running for Mission city council

32-year resident is a Rotary member looking to give back to his community

Local community leader Paul Hockridge announced on Friday (Sept. 9) he is seeking a seat on Mission city council.

Hockridge is a 32-year resident of Mission, with two grown daughters and two grandsons.

“I possess strong business and organizational skills from an extensive background in the office automation industry since 1976,” he said in a statement. “The last 27 years running my own local business installing computers and networks for small businesses here in Mission and the surrounding area. The last few years I have also been a photographer focusing on the Mission area.”

Currently he is a board member and past chairman of the District of Mission Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. He is a twice award-winning Rotary Club of Mission Midday Past President and 22-year charter and now honorary member.

“My vast current and past community involvement clearly demonstrates my passion for Mission.”

Hockridge says he did not want to make a platform of empty campaign promises, because he will only ever make a promise that he knows he can keep.

“How many times have we heard a political candidate make campaign promises that never come to fruition?

“I honestly think that some candidates are perhaps naive when it comes to what they think can be accomplished if elected. I have been in the background of the community far too long, including the political scene to have those rose-coloured glasses.”

He said there are too many variables about the position of Mission councillor, such as:

“I would only be one of six votes. And if the others aren’t of the same mindset, well it wouldn’t matter what I promise now would it?

“Some things are beyond, or not our responsibilities. We absolutely can and should lobby and advocate vehemently to the appropriate entities on behalf of the Mission citizens though. Again, I can’t promise on behalf on someone else though;

“And probably the most obvious fact that my grandfather and father would remind me constantly of: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Always be mindful of watching out for taxpayer funds. However, we must work toward and find ways to fund the absolute necessities that are in our purview, beyond doubt. Public safety for example, cannot be underfunded.

“So, what can I promise then? I will promise or, better yet, commit to:

“Always do the required diligence when researching matters brought forward to council;

“Devout the required time commitment required to be an effective councillor;

“Always treat others with courtesy, dignity and respect;

“Always be open, honest and approachable;

“Always have the best interest of Mission and our citizens guiding my vote, regardless of my personal feelings, wants or needs;

“Always leave my ego at home locked away;

“Attend as many community functions as possible;

“And always, always honour the position of councillor that you the citizens of Mission bestowed upon me.

“#ILoveMissionBC #ElectPaulHockridge.”

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